online-personal-trainer-best-bodyAs a slightly older woman I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Best Body Bootcamp, or stick to the eating plan. But it didn’t feel like I was on a diet, and Janey provides all kinds of options for all levels of fitness abilities, so I was able to do all the workouts to my own level. I can’t believe the difference Janey’s principles have made to my life… I never feel like I’m missing out, and now I’m fitter and smaller than I have been in a very long time! I have dropped two dress sizes, and have never felt so great!
Lyn, Best Body client

training-online-personal-trainer-best-bodyI can honestly say that after three bootcamps I have never been in such amazing shape. I’m not only slimmer but so toned and the cellulite has also gone – I felt amazing all week on holiday and wanted to wear my bikini to work today I felt so good! Ben and I are going away in September so I want to look incredible for that holiday, too. All my friends said I looked amazing while away and Ben loves my new bod too!
Charlotte Dunn, Best Body client

Since doing the Food Management Made Easy program and the 28 day Body Blitz, I have gone down two dress sizes, lost 10 kilos AND kept it off! But the most important thing it’s done for me is that I finally feel confident enough to have sex with the lights on! Thank you Janey.
Honor Davis-Marks, France

rachelayresbefaftTo be honest at the start I was dubious about how useful an online bootcamp would be but I was proved wrong in every sense – I’ve never seen such good results and never ever enjoyed exercise or healthy eating so much! I’ve lost 10lb in total and gone from a size 12 to a 10.

I have learnt so much from you Janey and can’t thank you enough for everything that has made this bootcamp so great – the daily audios motivated me to do all the exercise (and more), the Q&A audios were so informative, the food diary analysis was invaluable, and the quotes, website links, videos and pre-bootcamp webinars all gave me such a boost and taught me a hell of a lot! Thank you bootcampers too for all being so great – the forum has provided everything from laughter to support and I could not have lasted the full 28 days without you all.
Rachel Ayres, June Best Body client

I have worked on the VIP programme with Janey whilst undergoing lots of change in my life and coming to the realisation I had to move forward and getting organized with new exciting, yet challenging circumstances. Janey has been incredibly useful in propelling me forward, giving me mental strength, structure and making me feel the boss of my own life. Her experience in lifestyle coaching is impressive and her energy and motivation are a big source of inspiration, second to no-one. I have also signed up to Project Me and I am looking to tell others of her courses: she is sensible yet powerful, balanced yet revolutionary…and can really have a massive impact on lives.
Annelise, VIP client

katherinebJust wanted to say thanks so much for the online bootcamps, I am feeling so much better about myself, my legs are more toned and my stomach is looking a lot better and although it is not about weight, I have lost 10lbs since I started! This holiday is the first time in 10 years I have worn a bikini (and that is only the second time ever!) and I also feel that I have the sugar monster under control.

I went shopping with a stylist a week before my holiday and a month later my three pairs of size 12 trousers from Gap are too big and the 10s fit perfectly – an expensive but good problem! I just want to say how much I value the forum and you doing the Q&A’s. I think it makes a huge difference and is inspiring and motivating – the ‘udder’ chat will never be forgotten!On a general note, I love your online courses, the content, how you are always so enthusiastic… it makes people put in 100% and exceed their own expectations so thanks so much for supporting us all and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your effort.
Katherine Bradley, Best Body client

meganallwayI can say hand on heart that £75 is AMAZING value for what you get, learn and how you benefit. The one thing that has struck me from the beginning is how welcoming you and Janey have been. All my “stupid” questions have been answered fully and quickly…

I signed up for the July best body bootcamp having come across the MTE facebook page. I had been struggling to lose weight since the birth of my second child a year ago and, although I considered myself quite knowledgeable on nutrition and weight loss, I was unable to motivate myself to eat well. I was using the excuse that I couldn’t start avoiding carbs, sugar and caffeine until both kids were sleeping through the night, but now that I’m eating properly, of course I have a lot more energy, find it much easier to get out of bed in the morning and I’m no longer just a zombie on the sofa in the evenings!

Before the start of the programme I’d already lost a few pounds just from adjusting my diet using what I’d learnt from following the MTE facebook page. The course itself has proven to be amazing value for money. I’ve learnt so much more than I thought I could and it has impacted on all areas of my life. I feel more positive, more confident in myself (not just my appearance) and full of enthusiasm for life. I’m focused on enjoying life and living in the present, not the future. I’ve learnt that the power is in my hands to be who I want to be and live the lifestyle I choose for myself.

I will be (and indeed have been!) recommending this course to anyone. At the very least you will have a better body at the end of it and life-long access to loads of excellent health and fitness resources online. So to anyone considering one of Janey’s courses: DO IT! Janey is so knowledgeable that I have had absolute confidence in her advice, and she has managed to inspire me to want to eat well and exercise rather than simply telling me what I should be doing. The forums are great, the team are so friendly and helpful and I’m sad that it’s nearly at an end! Thank you so much!
Megan Allway, Best Body client

I thought it was all very straight forward and very well explained. I was slightly nervous about the forum and putting myself out there, it meant commitment! I think the forum is actually core to the programme. Everyone is honest and amazingly supportive. The other thing that I really appreciated was that you managed your own workouts. Encouraged by Janey and the others you still pushed yourself but failure wasn’t a word used in the programme, so you always felt positive. It wasn’t a competition but a personnel upwardly positive journey. All supported daily by Janeys messages and programme structure. It’s the first thing I have ever done which I don’t consider as a diet in the traditional sense, but as a life enhancer, I will take many of the key factors of BB into my life beyond the month. I have no doubt though I will sign up again, just because the companionship and camaraderie!
Best Body client

It’s taken me 5 days to pluck up the courage to get on the scales after finishing the Sugar HIIT Programme. Why? Because I don’t feel like I’ve been on a diet or deprived myself of anything (not like the diets I’ve tried in the past). I’ve had some wine (well quite a bit to be fair), been out for a few meals, attended a few BBQ’s and even had to eat while on the run. I was really pleased with the 10lb weight loss in 28days but thrilled with the 53cm loss over my 9 measurements.

I can really see a difference in my skin and my eyes. I’ve been on medication for years because of terrible period pains and I just can’t believe how much better I feel having quit the sugar. My mood is also much more level; before I use to be so ‘up’ and ‘down’ and would get so stressed out!! I feel fantastic, have lots of energy and can’t wait to hit the shops to buy some smaller clothes!! My husband has also lost 10lb during the 28 day programme although he hasn’t done the exercise, only followed the eating principles. He has become a Sugar Bore (like a reformed smoker) lecturing friends, family and colleagues on the health benefits and reasons to give up sugar! Exercising 6 times a week, at times, has been really hard to fit in around work and a busy family life. The children, my husband, our home and my job always come above ‘me’ on my list of priorities. Well I’m nearly 43 and I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should be starting to allow myself a bit of time for me (to work on me)! Although it has also occurred to me that while making the effort to fit all the exercise in, I was in fact, also setting a good example to my children. Unfortunately my 8 & 11 year old children have already established some sugar habits that I hadn’t realised prior to the programme and I will continue to chip away at these. I just wish I had learnt all this years ago when they were smaller. As a family we are talking about sugar a lot and hopefully my husband and I can lead by example and perhaps they will just fall into it….. It has been so interesting learning and reading all the articles and literature about sugar. It has very quickly become just part of my life. The turmeric shots and veggie juices are just part of my morning routine now. This programme has certainly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks for everything.
Sarah Hodgkinson, Sugar HIIT client

Karen-Young-before-and-after-pic-300x294Last October and just under a year after my second son was born I made it my mission to finally get out of my maternity jeans and back into regular jeans again. I was exhausted, felt awful, was doing next to no exercise and really didn’t recognise the person I had become. As a leap of faith I decided to do Janey’s absolutely brilliant Food Management Made Easy course. I was sceptical because I had tried almost every diet under the sun but figured I didn’t have much to lose but found the information on the course empowering, the forum and support of the other women fantastic and slowly started to make changes to my lifestyle and mindset. Just before Christmas I made it back into regular jeans again just in time for going back to work and turned my focus to balancing food and exercise.

At the end of May I set myself a new target – to get into size 12 clothes by the end of September. I joined the June Best Body Bootcamp and have gone onto do the July and August ones too and am signed up for the one in September despite already meeting my goal! The programme is so flexible, I can choose what I do and when which is essential so that I can fit round my kids and work. I started off power walking and by the end of June was able to run for over 45 minutes – unheard of even in the days before children. Janey’s daily audios really set me up for the day and on days where I am flagging the other ladies on the forum inspire me to get off the sofa and do something positive for my health. I cannot recommend Janey’s programmes enough – I feel like me again!
Karen Young, FMME and Best Body client

emma-gordon-300x300The Best Body Bootcamp has totally blown me away. I’m generally a bit sceptical about undertaking these kinds of things but a very good friend, whose opinion I value, recommended it to me and I thought that if she vouched for it, it must be a goodie! I have not been disappointed. It’s been enormously empowering to work on myself like this. It has never felt like a chore; I’ve just taken at least an hour every morning to improve myself. It’s actually felt like a luxury, even the HIIT in the rain! I have never undertaken this amount of exercise before, it’s been a huge increase on what I would normally do but it will be the way I work out in future. I’ve loved the structure and I really couldn’t have done it without Janey’s brilliant, encouraging audios and mindset coaching. I’ve totally transformed my body shape (I think!) in 28 days. I really wouldn’t have believed a) I could work this hard on myself (eating, exercise and mindset) b) achieve this much. I’m fitter, happier and it’s taught me techniques I can apply to all aspects of my life. I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m going away in August but I’ll definitely be back in September. I can *almost* sit down now in a bikini! Thank you.
Emma Gordon, Yorkshire, Best Body client

Thanks for another amazing bootcamp. The July Best Body Bootcamp has been my favourite so far! You can never underestimate the value of being able to log on to the forum and get immediate motivation from the amazing women doing the program. The forum and the daily audios are what have kept me going when I was flagging and it would not be the same trying to do the work outs and get through the program without them. It has been motivating, inspirational and above all a huge amount of fun. It has taken me a long time but with this particular bootcamp I finally feel I have nailed my sugar addiction and although I still have some way to go to get my best body I feel that it is now achievable. Already looking forward to the next bootcamp and getting closer to where I want to be.
Karen Norbury, Best Body client

bestttJaney’s Best Body Bootcamp has been absolutely fantastic for me, and has helped me go from a miserable size 22, to a much happier size 14. I’ve also lost 43 lbs! Janey’s food plan is easy to understand and to incorporate into everyday life. After years of trying every diet on the market, I had completely lost touch with how to eat a normal balanced diet. Thanks to Janey’s advice, I can make a healthy choice in any situation without needing to know how many points or sins something contains!

It is no exaggeration to say that Janey’s body image webinar has changed my life and I really wish that I had been able to listen to it when I was a teenager. It would have saved me years of trying to starve myself into Kate Moss’ shape, when my body’s just not built that way. The online exercise plan is brilliant; as the videos are only 10 minutes each, it never feels overwhelming. I even stuck to the exercise plan on holiday by downloading the videos onto my iPad.
Catherine Bedford, Best Body client

Screen-Shot-2013-07-29-at-14.37.35I have to say that before I signed up to the July Best Body Bootcamp I was a bit sceptical about all of the glowing testimonials but everyone sounded so empowered by the course that I decided to stop making excuses and just give it a go for myself. I certainly don’t regret it and have in fact signed up for next month’s bootcamp as well.

It’s been a really educational experience for myself, both learning about good food management and starting to understand my body. I feel the most in tune with myself than I have for a long time and I can only really credit Janey and her MTE team for the structure of the course and the support you receive.

You get out of the course what you put into it – it’s certainly not a miracle solution – but everything is in one neat package ready for you to use as you wish. You don’t have to post on the forums, you don’t have to follow the food principles or fit in the exercise but if you’ve made the mental decision to give it a try the support is there to keep you going. I’ve especially found the forum a great support network. To read about fellow boot campers going through similar daily battles to yourself is such a relief. Before you know it you’re adding your own comments, even if you’re a reluctant social networker like myself.

I’ve learnt that I’m never going to be perfect but as a true Libra, I’m enjoying learning to find the right balance in life. I can’t always ‘have my cake and eat it’ because that’s what got me to where I was but if I really want the cake and work hard for it, it tastes all the more sweeter. Thanks ladies!
Beth Elliot, July Best Body Client

I have enjoyed my daily hour power walks across the common immensely and found the new healthy eating regime marvellous. I found that after the first two days I did not miss coffee and loved waking up to my fresh ginger and lemon. I faithfully did the tumeric, aloe vera and acidophilus. I signed up during one of my busiest months of the year; new strategic reports at work, a freelance job, a studio visit to see my latest art work and lots of friends and family commitments to juggle. All this was made so much easier by finding myself with so much energy and vitality. I was thrilled to have lost 9lbs during the month and will be continuing the regime until my holiday in two weeks’ time. Many people have commented on how well I look and I have enjoyed the compliments. I feel I look younger and, more importantly, feel it too.
Sarah P, June Best Body client

Anna-L-225x300Janey, I am so happy! I tried on my smaller jeans (5 pairs) last night and was extremely surprised to see they all fitted. So this morning I thought I would weigh myself knowing that if I hadn’t lost much it wouldn’t bother me as I know I have got smaller through my clothes. 6 pounds lighter, Janey, since the start of the Best Body bootcamp. I mean this is incredible!

I think the combination of HIIT training and weights seriously has an effect on my body. I have lost all my baby weight – 2 stone, 11 pounds in six months – thanks to you. I can’t tell you how happy I am. You and your programs are amazing. And I have still learnt so much from this one. Rock on! Here’s to the next Best Body bootcamp in June!
Anna Logue, May Best Body client

Hi Janey, 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you… I’ve just finished the April Body blast and the May Best Body boot camp back to back, and I can honestly say that you’ve 100% transformed my body and my brain! I love that my gut is functioning properly, I actually look forward to eating good stuff (but at the same time take much more pleasure in treating myself to a slice of cake and coffee every so often!) I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and even if I don’t feel like it, I know my body’s thanking me when I get off my arse and go for a run. 

I feel toned and lean and much more confident in my own skin – thank you so so much, you’re such an inspirational lady!
Lucia Hasslacher, Body Blast & Best Body client

katiestringereditYou have made such a difference and I am so grateful to have found you and your programs. I did the 21 day Body blast in March/April and now your May best Body bootcamp because I wanted to shift a stone that I had put on. I also suffered from severe postnatal depression and not only have I finally lost the stone that went on, I’m not taking the medication anymore and feel like me again. I can’t thank you enough and I am ETERNALLY grateful!

You have changed my attitude to food; I have given up sugar and now have a normal appetite and no cravings and am eating well but not overeating. Finally something that works! No more Dukan crap! I have changed my lifestyle and my attitude to food for LIFE instead of doing quick fix diets. I am loving my salads and veg and flavours.

I have got exercise into my life again (which has really helped my state of mind) and feel fab. We had a big party at the weekend and everyone commented on my figure and I just feel so much better. What your daily motivational audios have made me realise is that I have a choice. We all have a choice and that also you have to work hard to feel like I did on Saturday night in my dress!

Since April I have lost 15cms around my waist and seven around my hips! YOU ROCK! There are no quick fixes but you’ve made this journey really enjoyable as well as successful. I have tried everything to lose weight and feel great again but with you I have finally solved it. It is a change for life, not a fad and that’s the key!I can’t thank you enough, you have changed my life!
Katie Stringer, Best Body & 21 Day client

annawhiteedit-300x300Thank you for your absolutely amazing spot-on audio that you did last week regarding my weekend blow out. You were so right on so many things (especially my horrible sugar addiction). You really helped me to get it all into perspective which I used last weekend for my and my boyfriend’s birthdays. I managed to rein it in a bit but also to enjoy the indulgences I did have. You’ve given me the confidence to really go for it and to see that by falling off the wagon I hadn’t blown it forever. Thank you once again.
Anna White, Best Body client

Just a great big personal thank you from me, I never thought I could do anything like I have done or achieved over the last four weeks and without your help along the way I wouldn’t be feeling the way I do now as I travel to the airport on holiday, feeling fabulous! I have struggled many years with yoyo dieting and no real structure to any fitness regime, hating gyms and always at the back of any keep fit aerobics class, having tried every soup/shake/cabbage diet there is. The daily messages from you have keep me going and I have followed your program pretty much to the letter, I’ve lost weight, inches, my hair is glossy my skin clear and I’m just buzzing from eating better than I have in all my life; I have my little turmeric, juicy aloe Vera routine every morning and it gets me going ready to face the day.

I could go on and on about how I feel, comments I’ve received, clothes I’ve bought, bikinis I’m going I wear…!

Big big thanks you are amazing, I can’t get enough of this feel good feeling so I’ll be having a little break in the sun ( I’ve even packed my trainers and stretch band!) I’ll see you for Best Body two next week!
Jacky Della Vedova, Wandsworth Common, Best Body client

Janey Holliday and Making Things Easy featured in the June 2013 issue of Zest magazine. The feature titled, Me and My Health Motivator, invites Janey’s client Rebecca Tuck to describe why Janey has motivated her to get healthy and improve her diet and fitness.

Rebecca started off as a client of our sister company Fit for a Princess but a demanding job as a barrister and a family to take care of meant the flexible nature of our online programmes suited Rebecca’s lifestyle better. An uplifting, inspirational read, thank you Rebecca, and keep up the good work!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an amazing Best Body Bootcamp so far. The amount of time and effort that has gone into it is incredible. The content is unbelievable. The audios just fantastic and so inspiring. Loving how you are also focusing on inner health and mindset too. You can tell that everyone from the forum is loving it – such a buzz. I have definitely noticed a difference already – feel more toned, my tummy flatter and less tense. I am getting much closer to my goal and know I can do it!
I feel I’m not so desperate for the glass or two of wine/ gin and tonics at the end of the day and when I do allow myself to have it I am making a conscious effort to savour it more and I feel more in control.

I do have a few hurdles coming up – suppers out and a weeks’ holiday but thank you for giving me all the tools and tips so I feel confident that I will get to my goal. And even if it takes a bit longer because of a week out on holiday etc i can honestly say I am enjoying the journey towards it now.
Anna Logue, Best Body client

gemmarop-136x300Being a jobbing actress and with a busy social life I’ve never really found a sustainable way to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into my life. This has meant that I’ve have been on a series of intense diet and exercise regimes which while working in the short term, the results and motivation never lasted. Add to the fact that any exercise regime I embarked upon was fuelled by a desire to be thinner not necessarily fitter, I have been fighting a losing battle, until I was introduced to Janey’s 21 day body blast program.

Watching the webinars made it clear that Janey is not just about a quick fix, the support you receive via email and on the forums and the daily motivational messages ensures you are not overwhelmed and any worries or questions you have do not go unanswered.

I have always found that the biggest obstacle to my success is myself but because of this program whilst running up Vauxhall bridge a little voice popped into my head telling me that I was really proud of myself. This is truly the first time I can remember hearing that voice speak to me in a positive manner.

Through the 21 Day Body Blast, Janey’s motivation and enthusiasm and my own hard work I have seen results that I could only previously have dreamed about achieving. But it’s not just the physical results I have seen that I want to shout about but the mental clarity I’ve developed.

I am now able to use exercise to ‘walk out’ my moods where before I would have gone straight to chocolate or caffeine. I am happier and I know that if I’m not then it’s possible to change my mindset. I want to thank Janey and her team at Making Things Easy because as well as giving me my best body you have also given me my sparkle back and that is worth every penny!
Gemma Zirfas, 21 Day Body Blast client

I jumped on the scales and I’ve lost 12lb! Fantastic! I knew I’d lost inches as when I took the dogs for walk I put my waterproof trousers on and I could do up the zip and popper! Never felt so comfortable in them. I know they’re not very sexy but I felt real good. Thank you Janey, you said that you could help me and you have. I actually look forward to working out and sweating fat tears!
Nicelle Clark, Body Blast client

charlottekempCharlotte Kemp, a 40 year old mother-of-three and journalist for the Daily Mail completed two 21 Day Body Blasts back-to-back while also following the Food Management Made Easy program. See her amazing transformation and how she lost her muffin top and mum-tum in the full story below.
Read Charlotte’s Daily Mail review…

With my 10th wedding anniversary coming up I started to remember the size I was in my wedding dress and thought I ought to do something. While I was sceptical about the wheat-free/no sugar approach (which I found very hard at first) I decided to take on board Janey’s point that you can’t criticise until you try it.

Anyway 16 days in I understand – I am 6lb lighter and my stomach is much flatter than it has been even at a lower weight. So if anyone is thinking about doing the program it is tough but totally worth it to give you a kick-start. Janey’s voice in your ear each day keeps you engaged, her enthusiam is infectious and certainly drove me to fit in the training, despite an intense couple of weeks at work.
Kathrine M, Body Blast client

Amy-rickettseditGot up early and went for my endurance power walk, but when I left the house I listened to Janey’s audio, as well as remembering previous messages and thought, ‘I don’t want to buy a swimming costume for my holiday, I want a bikini! Why not trying a run instead and see how far you go?’ Well, I have never run for longer than about 15 minutes before, but I put on some killer running music and managed to run 10k in just over an hour! Felt so great when I got home!

Janey, your audio messages are so powerful – I am the kind of person who constantly sabotages my fitness and health goals, but hearing you really push us to believe in ourselves to get where we want to be is what gets me out of bed, into my running gear and out of the house. Thank you!
Amy Ricketts, May Best Body client

I am emailing you to say the biggest thank you for changes in my lifestyle and well being that have resulted from my participation in Food Management Made Easy (FMME) and the online Body Biltz. My husband did a modified version of FMME before christmas and lost 16lbs in 5 weeks, so he is completely on board too! I will be enrolling for future on-line coaching programs and in my opinion, weight watchers and all other slimming concepts should ultimately be outlawed and only the Janey Holliday system should be allowed to prevail, as honestly they are the only principles that can become an integral part of your day to day existence for the rest of your life!
Michelle Brown, North London

katie-skrinecrop-300x262I hopped on the scales and to my complete surprise (never usually weigh myself) I have lost just over 1/2 stone…AMAZING!My tummy and skin seem to be sorted too. I’m chuffed to bits and cannot thank this program and you guys enough. I hadn’t realised how powerful team work could actually be. Thanks ladies.
Katie Skrine, London, May Best Body client

Whoopee! We made it! I haven’t felt this great for a couple of years! Haven’t weighed or measured myself yet but there is definitely a big difference for me. Maybe six pounds or so and a lot slimmer! Thanks everyone, especially Janey, for making me feel so inspired!
Dawn Bell, Body Blast client
I’m really seeing the results – have lost 15.5cms in total so far and my stomach has never been this flat and toned before. But the best part is how great I feel – so positive and motivated in all aspects of my life. Resisting temptation is so much easier when you can see the benefits of being healthy!”
L.S, May Best Body client


Project Me is truly incredible. Almost too much content to cope with but will listen over and over again to get the full benefit. It transformed the way I coped with a house move and all sorts of huge spanners in the works…broken down car, house we were moving to falling through, husband in Paris, emergency stay with horribly ill mother in law. Absolutely brilliant.
Sarah Buchanan, Project Me client

easylivinglogoWe approached Janey for our ’50 Things to Do Before You Diet’ feature as we loved her no-nonsense and practical approach to healthy eating. No fad diets, banned foods or time-consuming workouts – hurrah! Her advice is perfect for busy women who want to eat healthily and keep fit, without sacrificing the odd treat or their precious time. Janey’s advice has become one of our most popular features because the tips are upbeat, inspirational and incredibly motivating. Not only do you WANT to try her advice, you actually can’t wait. Her sensible, easy-to-follow tips aren’t just for ‘detox January’ – it’s clever, every day advice you’ll use for a lifetime.
Alaina Vieru, Editor

My intentions at the beginning of the BB were to tone up, re-energise and kick start my sluggish digestion. This has happened in spades. I have lost 4lbs without having to try too hard, 6 1/2 inches around my body, my skin looks better than it has in ages (and bizarrely less wrinkly!), and my gut is much happier – far less bloating and NO sugar cravings. But much more importantly I feel fantastic – I feel optimistic, have much more energy, need less sleep and have a real get-up-and-go attitude. Thank you to all of you lovely ladies who helped to motivate me in ways you will never know!
Sophie Brigstocke, Body Blast client

The Food Bootcamp for Girls is such a great booster course, especially after FMME or when you’ve started to slip back into old habits. A good dose of clear concise information packed with practical tips and personal experience really helps you take everything on board! I was a bit apprehensive about the food diary analysis but Janey was kind but firm and opened my eyes to the tweaks I needed to make. Not half as bad as I thought and yet made so much sense – if only I could kidnap Janey for a few weeks and have her permanently next to me!
Survey Monkey response

Carly-H-Photoedit-300x300I have to say Janey’s audio on Saturday really hit so many chords with me – it felt like I had sat and told Janey about my life at some point as her audio was so spot on. That’s what’s so good; those morning messages aren’t just about fitness, they’re definitely about the mind-set and that is such a powerful thing. Thanks again from a very happy boot camper!
Carly Higglesden, May Best Body client

The diet tips also really helped me. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease about 17 years ago and generally struggle with missing out on ‘treats’ and am therefore not always as strict with my diet as I should be. Being on this program is the first time in years I can honestly say I was on a gluten-free diet and feel so much better for it! Thank you.
Kirsten Johnson, Automated Body Blast client

Thanks again to your and your team for all your hard work, dedication and commitment in putting this online coaching on, you make a lot of people very happy and healthy – I’m certainly one happy customer!
Claudia Hughes, Wandsworth

Once again another super course (Food Bootcamp for girls) from Janey. Great new content. Loved the motivational calls – which is such a big part of nailing food management. The food diary analysis was so interesting too and so helpful. Janey really is an inspiration. And this course is a must for everyone.
Anna Logue, Bucks

SophieThe best thing I have found about the program is having SO much more restraint with alcohol on nights out – sipping slowly etc and not having too much and also not binge eating the following day. Also, love ensuring I have salad or veg with every meal, many breakthroughs! The boyfriend is also pleased with the new toned body. Definitely noticing massive improvements with definition – especially on the abs! Thank you Janey- this is by far the best food management/exercise plan out there!
Sophie Franklin Smith, May Best Body client

This course (Work-life balance course) has literally changed and saved my life. The best money I have ever spent and I think that everyone should do it. It really is eye opening and incredibly empowering. I wish I had found this years ago and not wasted so much of my life. Thank you!
Sara Pattison, Guildford

I travelled three continents this week with work and was still able to keep up with my online course. The fact that I can improve my well being without doing ANY exercise and take part from my hotel room or even from an airplane is brilliant. Loved, loved loved the Food Management Course. Please do more like this!
Amanda Sifton, Fulham