Best Body Made Easy

The definitive, flexible body program for women

Course type: AUTOMATED

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What would you do with your best body?

Not a supermodel’s body but your best body.

Would you buy a dress you’re not brave enough to wear right now? Would you wear shorts in the sunshine? Would you have sex with the lights on?

There are many things in life we cannot change but your body isn’t one of them. With the right tools and the right attitude your best body and all the amazing things you would do with it can be a reality.

This is not a four week course, it is a forever course.” 

Get ready then for our 21 day definitive food and fitness program with over three hours of brand new online fitness videos, Janey’s photo food diaries for optimum Best Body Bootcamp nutrition, plus four pre-bootcamp webinars to help you maximise results.

This program is about:
1) Achieving your best body
2) Helping your body function at its best 
3) Developing better body image



1) Best Body Program Overview – The 21 day program explained in detail.

2) How to get your best body –  Maximising results by learning about body types, training smart and getting the best results for you.

3) The importance of good body function – Janey shares her eating principles, expert nutritional and lifestyle advice for you to follow during the program and beyond.

4) Improving body image – How to have more confidence about your body and stop comparing yourself to others.


  • 28 motivational audio messages available to you
  • A variety of conditioning videos using hand weights and body weight
  • Simple, effective and flexible cardio program


28 day photo food diary eating plan for optimum results

How to work out your BMR to maximise weight loss

Focus on postnatal heath and fitness

Exercise technique videos

  • Squat/lunge techniques and alternatives
  • Dynaband techniques and alternatives
  • Hand weight techniques and alternatives
  • Ab techniques and alternatives
  • Cardio techniques and alternatives


Your Best Body Bootcamp challenge – we set you a series of optional fitness challenges for the final week, can you handle it?

louanne steyn

Louanne Steyn

I’m really seeing the results – have lost 15.5cms in total so far and my stomach has never been this flat and toned before. But the best part is how great I feel – so positive and motivated in all apects of my life. Resisting temptation is so much easier when you can see the benefits of being healthy! Louanne Steyn, May Best Body client

The diet tips also really helped me. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease about 17 years ago and generally struggle with missing out on ‘treats’ and am therefore not always as strict with my diet as I should be. Being on this program is the first time in years I can honestly say I was on a gluten-free diet and feel so much better for it! Thank you. Kirsten Johnson, Automated Body Blast client

lucia hasslacherI just wanted to say a huge thank you… I’ve just finished the body blast and boot camp back to back, and I can honestly say that you’ve 100% transformed my body and my brain! I love that my gut is functioning properly, I actually look forward to eating good stuff (but at the same time take much more pleasure in treating myself to a slice of cake and coffee every so often!) I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and even if I don’t feel like it, I know my body’s thanking me when I get off my arse and go for a run. I feel toned and lean and much more confident in my own skin – thank you so so much, you’re such an inspirational lady! Lucia Hasslacher, Best Body client

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