Running scared?

As humans, one of our most intelligent survival systems is fear – the ability to anticipate and detect danger, and we would quite literally be dead without it. BUT many of us are now ruled by emotional fear and what I call Modern Fear. Modern fear is the feeling of not wanting to be uncomfortable, […]

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Switch frequency

One of the things I’m realising through my recent coaching work is that more and more people are feeling worse and worse about their lives. They are less fulfilled with life than ever before and unhappy with themselves, their finances, their circumstances and just in general day to day living. But I’m on a mission […]

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From breakdown to breakthrough

I was once told that you need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. Not the sort of breakdown where you need medication and hospitalised, but the one where your mind and body shouts out, ‘ I can’t take any more!’, ‘Please slow down!’ and ‘Something has got to change!’, and I would say […]

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Managing Modern Day Mayhem…

We are living in an incredible time there’s no doubt about that… technology, opportunities, travel, choices… All of which should give us a sense of freedom and empowerment. But with all of this, unfortunately comes information overload, less down time, confusion and stress, as people squeeze more into their days and their lives like never […]

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Multi-tasking madness

Women state they’re brilliant at it ,the modern generation with tablets and IPhones can’t get enough of it and companies seem to put more and more pressure on staff to do it. It’s multi-tasking and whilst modern day mayhem leads us to brag about it, it’s actually the biggest myth of modern times. A few […]

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Putting things in perspective

I’ve got a pretty good mindset about things – partly inherited from my ‘can-do’ / upbeat parents and partly because I’ve read a lot around mindset being a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. Why is it one of us reacts to something in one way, and someone else another?  It’s because we approach it with […]

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